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Which family car to choose


When the family grows, it may be necessary to invest in an adapted car. Space, driver and passenger comfort, storage, practicality… Buying a family car meets very specific needs. Some advice on the elements to take into account when choosing your family car.

Which car model to choose?

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Intended to accommodate the whole tribe, family cars are larger than average . Their length is generally around 4.5 meters. While this may seem obvious, one of the first things to check is the compatibility between the size of the vehicle and that of your garage or parking mode.

The number of seats in the car is also important. Family cars have between 5 and 8, or even 9 for minivans. While couples or small families will be satisfied with a 5-seater, large families will appreciate vehicles with 6 or more seats . The important thing is to choose a car that offers you a spacious interior and comfort during long journeys.

Families with babies or toddlers

With babies or small children, you have to be even more careful about the size of the car. Indeed, booster seats and car seats take up considerable space. Even wide, not all cars allow you to install several baby seats side by side. It is also advisable to favor a car with a good height under the roof, so as not to be embarrassed when installing toddlers, which is sometimes very tedious.

A 5-door family car

The number of doors in the car is far from a detail. The more doors your vehicle has, the more convenience you will gain. Thus, it is preferable to choose a car with 5 doors  : access to the rear seats will be easier and the installation of children more convenient. With this in mind, also opt for a car with maximum door opening. Sliding doors can also be an interesting alternative.

Some new models are equipped with sensors that allow the doors to open automatically. A device that can be practical for parents whose arms are sometimes very busy.

Interiors: functionality above all!

Parents are generally looking for a functional car before being aesthetic. The interior of the car is therefore a criterion to be carefully studied. With children, tasks and accidents happen quickly. Avoid coverings that are difficult to clean, especially fabric, and favor materials such as leather or imitation leather.

The interior of the car should be designed in a practical way for the whole family. Many models allow flexible management of the seats: sliding, folding, exchangeable, removable… Their adaptability will allow you either to accommodate the greatest number of people or to save space.

To keep them busy on long journeys, it may be a good idea to opt for a car with an integrated screen in the back.

Choose a car with a large trunk

Shopping, strollers, luggage… We don’t always travel light as a family. Moving your tribe often requires carrying a lot of stuff, especially when going on vacation , which is why it is essential to choose a car with a large trunk . The busiest families can even opt for a car that offers coupling possibilities (bicycle rack, trailer ) or roof bars.

Be careful not to exceed the maximum authorized weight of your car. As the Highway Code specifies, “a car cannot travel with a total weight that exceeds the total weight authorized in charge, indicated on the gray card”.

Transport your family safely

To travel with the family, it is legitimate to want the most secure car possible. With children on board, some safety devices can be useful:

The presence of airbags in the rear part of the car;

Locking (manual or electric), a safety system that prevents children from opening the rear doors from the inside. The system also exists for windows;

The presence of the Isofix system, which allows child seats to be attached without risk of error. All cars produced since 2011 are equipped with it.

Which car model to choose?

The family car market has grown a lot in recent years. Depending on their budget , consumers have the choice between different models:

New or used? It all depends on what you plan to use your car for. It is better to keep in mind that with children on board, it will not stay new for long and that with a lot of kilometers on the odometer, its resale value will drop quickly. Less expensive to buy, used cars can therefore be more interesting for families.

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