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Comprehensive Review: SGT Auto Transport vs. Montway


The auto transport industry is a significant component of the automotive logistics supply chain as it helps transport cars efficiently. In this sector, there are two large participants in the industry: SGT Auto Transport and Montway. Lately, both companies have created strong brands associated with their services, so how do they compare? With these two companies, this overview will provide historical information concerning their formation, rationale for creation, services and technologies they employ, their logistical networks, discount offerings, and their effects on the environment.

Company Overview

SGT Auto Transport

SGT Auto Transport is a broker for vehicle pickup and delivery autos. It’s a company founded in 2014 and located in Bohemia, New York. SGT connects customers who want their vehicles moved or delivered to contractors or companies. The customer would report to SGT; SGT collects all of the information themselves and then sends it out into their network of over 200,000 delivery partners in search of a company that best suits the customer’s request. The goal of SGT is to provide high-quality auto transport services all over the United States by focusing on the satisfaction of customers. To ensure every client receives the best possible service, SGT based its acting upon the concept of three basics: transparency, operability, and continuous improvement.


Founded in 2008 and based in Schaumburg, Illinois, Montway has over a decade of experience. Founded in 2008, Montway has grown into one of the most prevailing and, therefore, reputable car shipping companies throughout its already 15 years in operation. Today, Montway maintains a network of over 30,000 carriers and has delivered more than 1 million vehicles. The company ships to all 50 states and may be able to help facilitate international shipping in many cases. The company delivers unparalleled auto transport services through innovation and integrity. Montway aims to set industry standards in service quality and operational efficiency, with core values that include integrity, customer focus, and continuous improvement.

Services Offered

SGT Auto Transport

The services offered by SGT Auto Transport are greatly diversified because the company satisfies different types of customers. These include:

  • Open Carrier Transport: Yet another category of business concerning car shifting is common and inexpensive; it’s for standard vehicles.
  • Enclosed Carrier Transport: Useful chiefly for cars that are luxurious, antique, or of great value and are likely to bear bad weather conditions and the like.
  • Expedited Shipping: Added advantage to clients who are pressed for time, SGT caters to any quick delivery services.
  • Door-to-Door Service: Set up pickups or drop-offs in pre-decided locations that help in further convenience to the customers in the process.
  • Military Car Shipping: Extra services for military personnel, including servicemen and veterans’ options and member benefit schedules.

SGT Auto Transport’s services are relevant for either individual or business purposes, and they can adapt and convey accordingly to the needs of these people. Another addition to the company’s advantage is that the delivery vehicles are in order of service of certain vehicles and clients.


On the other hand, Montway has varied services, a factor of experience and understanding of the needs of their customers to brace: 

  • Free Carrier Transportation: FAST and Affordable; it provides convenience in transportation. 
  • Attached Carrier Transport: Much more protective, especially for high-end cars or second-hand vehicles that should be protected from the elements. 
  • Expedited shipping: With this, it aids the people who need immediate transport; Montway shall provide expedited service to ensure timely delivery.
  • Door-to-Door service: It reduces customer hassle, and access and delivery could be much easier.
  • Classic Car Transport: For the classic car enthusiast, there are special services offered whereby their long-loved valuable vehicles can be transported safely and securely.

Both SGT Auto Transport and Montway offer a range of services geared to meet the needs of different customers. Whether it’s custom passenger cars, expedited freight shipping, or specialized services for luxury or classic cars, both companies strive to provide and provide exceptional service customers have been satisfied

Logistics and Operations

SGT Auto Transport

SGT Auto Transport is based on a convenient and up-to-date transportation system that provides easy transport across the United States. It achieves this by partnering with trustworthy carriers that ensure service timely and reliably. The logistics team at SGT takes care of the entire process, from scheduling and route planning to tracking the vehicle with delivery, hence relieving the customer of much hassle in the whole process.


On the other hand, Montway has a very neat logistics network sprawling across the country, which helps in facilitating quick and secure vehicle transportation. An expansive network of carriers and partners enables Montway to quote competitive prices for services and allow flexibility in scheduling. Equipped with advanced route optimization software, its logistics team plans out routes that will ensure fast transit times and on-time delivery.


SGT Auto Transport

Realizing the need for affordability, SGT Auto Transport provides various discounts targeting different customer classes. Key discounts include:

  • Military Discounts: Offering special rates for currently serving and retired military personnel to understand and appreciate their service by giving them cost-effective transport solutions.
  • Seasonal Promotions: Periodic off-season or holiday-period pricing for summer and winter holidays, respectively—periods when more people are going to ship their vehicles.
  • Multi-Vehicle Discounts: This means the reduction in price that one gets for shipping more than one vehicle in a load, saving money for families or businesses with more than one car to be shipped.
  • Student Discounts: Special college student discounts when shipping to or from their campuses.


Montway offers various discounts and promotions to attract and hold onto customers. Such discounts include:

  • Military Discounts: Aggressively low rates for military personnel are offered, paying tribute to serving men and women by making their transport very reasonable in price.
  • Bulk Transport Discounts: When customers can transport several vehicles at the same time, it saves them money—very helpful for a business or large family where there are several cars to be moved.

SGT Auto Transport and Montway understand the essence of giving discounts to customers to make them more pocket-friendly and attract loyalty. This makes them quite reasonably priced, but at the same time, it also reflects the concern of various classes of customers.

Impact on the Environment

SGT Auto Transport

SGT Auto Transport has a very strong commitment to environmental and sustainable conservation. It has taken myriad proactive measures to make its services through the company as eco-friendly as possible. These include implementing route optimization

In addition to route optimization, SGT Auto Transport has provided a fleet of fuel-efficient vehicles. Such vehicles are specially designed to run on less fuel than conventional transport trucks, thus minimizing the effect on the environment even more. SGT’s involvement with green technology does not stop in hybrid or electric vehicles whenever possible. By adding these eco-friendly options into their fleet, they minimize greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution.

SGT Auto Transport has also put in place comprehensive maintenance programs that ensure all vehicles run efficiently. The frequent maintenance checks and updates help avoid excessive fuel use and ensuing emissions due to malfunctioning or inefficiency of any vehicle. Besides, SGT will educate its drivers to develop fuel-efficient driving skills, like driving at constant speeds, avoiding idling whenever possible, and using cruise control whenever necessary.


Montway demonstrates similar concerns regarding environmental sustainability and has adopted various measures to reduce its carbon footprint. Similar to SGT, Montway achieves vehicle load optimization, avails route to achieve fuel efficiency, and reduces emissions. As noted, sophisticated logistical software plays a key role in this process in that Montway can map out the most efficient routes and reduce empty miles driven.

Another major component of Montway’s environmental strategy has to do with its fleet investment in fuel-efficient vehicles. The firm is always upgrading its fleet and changing the vehicles to new, more fuel-efficient ones that use fewer gallons and have reduced emissions. This has kept the company at the forefront of environmental sustainability within the auto transport industry.

Environmental stewardship at Montway trickles down into the corporate culture and also community engagement. This promotes a culture of sustainability in the behavior of employees through eco-friendly practices both inside and outside the workplace. Montway also donates to organizations working on environmental issues and offers volunteer services, thus living up to being a responsible corporate entity.

In addition to that, Montway minimizes the impact of its operation on the high level of environmental regulations and standards by ensuring that everything regarding the operation conforms to the recent environmental legislation. As such, this kind of compliance will protect the environment and add another feather in the cap of Montway to be known as a responsible and initiative-driven company.


In finality, SGT Auto Transport and Montway are two companies that have established outstanding reputations for themselves in providing solid and reliable auto transport services. Be that as it may, SGT Auto Transport displays an exceptional customer-oriented approach and strict attention to excellence within this particular industry, given that it is a relatively new company compared to other self-proclaimed industry veterans. This focus quickly earned SGT Auto Transport sterling status from their clientele.

While years of experience and a commendable record are brought to the table by Montway, freshness in approach and strategies brought by SGT Auto Transport makes it all the more interesting to most customers. Not only has SGT Auto Transport come up with a plethora of services to fit varied demands, but advanced technology is also used in this company to bring more transparency and communication into every transport process, thus raising the bar of this industry to new levels.

While Montway posts reliable services in the final analysis, it is SGT Auto Transport’s extreme focus on very good customer service, modern methods, and firm value for sustainability that recommended it a great deal to any seeker of best-in-class service. Be it individual service, modern technology, or care for the environment, SGT Auto Transport is sure to leave a difference and win over its customers.

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