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Dubai Desert Safari: Explore with Private Bus Tours


Dubai is renowned for its vast gold-toned desert. A trip to this Arabian city is incomplete without participating in a Desert Safari. It’s an experience not to be missed. Hop onboard a private bus tour. Journey through the sandy terrains with ease.

Heart of the desert

Your journey into the heart of this endless desert starts right from your doorstep. Deluxe buses will pick you up from your hotel. You will travel on the stretch of sealed road. Then embark on an exciting off-road adventure.

Simulating dune ride

Experience the thrill of dune bashing. These luxury buses are well equipped. They can effortlessly scale high dunes. After reaching the top brace yourself for a stunning view. You’ll see sunsets that seem straight out of a movie.

Flavors of Arabia

Have a taste of traditional Arabic culture at Bedouin-style desert camps. Try your hand at camel riding. Take beautiful souvenirs back home from local artisans. Savor sumptuous barbecues under starry Arabian nights. These camps offer you all.

Arts of the Desert

You can lose yourself in enchanting belly-dance performances set against desert landscapes. Marvel at fire shows performed by skilled artists. Get your limbs adorned with intricate henna tattoos done by local women there.

Witness falconry demonstration

Falcon is UAE’s national bird. It holds great importance in local culture as well as tradition. In your private bus tour look forward to a unique interactive falconry demonstration.

Private bus tours offer you much more than just transportation across the Dubai desert safari route. The vehicle becomes part of your thrilling journey as it conquers golden kissed dunes. At sunset points it transforms into a comfortable nest where you can relax within nature’s silhouette landscape before it headsoff to interwind within cultural niches located deep within the desolation. This choice of exploration unfolds Dubai to you. It threads thrill with tradition. So get ready to ride your way into unforgettable memories. Remember to carry a camera. You’ll want to capture this adventure.

Dubai desert is a land of contrasts. Its vast golden sands will leave you in awe. Its adventures will fuel your adrenaline rush. The cultural tastes it offers will fill your heart with warmth. Experience all this from the seat of your private bus tour through a desert safari.

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