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How to choose cheap auto insurance that suits your needs


As we have seen, there are a wide variety of tips to follow to find cheap car insurance. You also have to make sure that it really meets your needs.

We can then implement three key criteria .

1. Choose a guarantee formula adapted to your needs

If your vehicle is new and represents a significant budget, it should be insured against all risks. Indeed, in the event of an accident, you will need maximum coverage.

If, on the contrary , your vehicle is old , a formula with extended thirds or even a simple third may be sufficient. The price difference between the formulas varies from simple to double,

It is possible to take out an extended third-party guarantee formula by choosing only the options that seem necessary to you and studying them carefully.

You could choose the breakdown service at 50 km instead of 0 km and avoid taking out the glass breakage guarantee. Each of these options represents a significant cost that you do not necessarily need.

2. Monitor the evolution of guarantees

Over time, it is very common to renew almost automatically and without thinking about it. On the contrary, you have to take the trouble to study your contract every two or three years to be sure not to be too covered.

You drive few kilometers each year, specific insurance that takes this characteristic into account can be very advantageous for you. This allows you to take advantage of cheap car insurance.

Cheap car insurance, the choice of online insurance

Like the banking market, the insurance market is constantly evolving. The good news is that it benefits all individuals! New insurers are created regularly and often offer very cheap insurance contracts . It is interesting to understand why and, if it corresponds to your expectations, to take advantage of it.

The latest on online car insurance

Online insurance companies rely above all on technology and thus on their ability to take out new contracts with the minimum of costs , or even no costs. A traditional insurer will need to exchange documents, identity checks and signatures. On the other hand, an online insurer carries out all these operations automatically. The time saved is very important and therefore makes it possible to offer cheaper insurance.

However, having had no interlocutors during the online subscription, you will also not have an interlocutor responsible for the relationship with you in the event of a dispute. As a result, you will call on customer service, which is often efficient, but which will not take your particular situation into consideration .

In addition, online insurers do not have physical branches where it is possible to meet a customer representative. You cannot therefore detail a specific problem or difficulty and find a personalized solution. All exchanges are made by telephone, with a contact person who applies defined rules and does not have the possibility of derogating from them.

Nevertheless, the absence of a network of physical agencies constitutes a very significant saving for online insurance. This largely explains why online insurance is generally among the cheapest insurance on the market.

What about traditional insurance?

Over time, it is clear that traditional insurance is getting closer and closer to online insurers. Thus, they also try to offer a complete service through the internet. In addition, the evolution of uses means that fewer and fewer individuals go to a branch to meet an adviser. They most often prefer to use the telephone, which saves a lot of time for an equivalent service.

Despite everything, online insurance is growing rapidly! This is particularly linked to the advantages they bring in terms of simplicity, speed of service and also at the price level. A 30% gain on auto insurance can easily translate into over $150 in savings per year . You will agree, this is an economy which it would be a shame to deprive yourself of.

Call an advisor to find cheap car insurance

To find cheap car insurance , you must compare in detail the different formulas and options available on the market. If you are not accompanied in this process, it is the only way to choose the one that gives you the best offer.

However, if you want to go faster and be sure to find the cheapest car insurance , a specialist adviser from your best savings can help you. He shares his expertise with you, answers your questions and offers you the best choice. To do this, he takes your needs into account and carefully dissects all the offers available.

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