buying a used luxury car

Tips for buying a used luxury car


All car enthusiasts dream of acquiring a prestigious vehicle. Today the top of the new range is almost reserved for seniors: more than 75% of BMW, Audi and Mercedes buyers are over 50 years old. The second-hand world, on the other hand, is much more accessible, and it is possible to find top-of-the-range cars for the price of a new city car! What is the truth about these second-hand luxury or sports cars? What are the pitfalls to avoid ?

Tips for buying a used luxury car

The luxury car market has diversified a lot over the past few decades: reserved for the elite 30 years ago, it is now much more accessible second-hand. Once this decision is made, it is a certain investment. It is therefore necessary to look carefully at what you are looking for: a luxury car? Or sports? Or both ? Indeed, prestige now includes all ranges of cars: coupes, convertibles, city cars, minivans, compacts, 4Ă—4s, station wagons, sedans. You have to choose according to your desires, your needs, and your wallet…! Luxury cars are very generally English or German, they are very reliable cars, which are sold quite easily. There are different platformsto buy a used vehicle.

Going through a professional, despite a price that buying a used luxury car will be higher, allows you to buy the car with guarantees. Buying from individual to individual allows you to do good business, but with a significant amount of risk : it is difficult to trust all sellers.

The trusted intermediary, such as CapCar , a very fashionable service which has been developing recently, is an excellent compromise of quality and time for the purchase of your vehicle: in fact, all the steps are taken through this intermediary. There are both sports luxury cars, prestigious sedans , as well as sports city cars.

Finally, intermediaries can also offer their agent services: they take care of finding the car of your dreams for you, respecting all your criteria and bringing their experience.

Common scams when buying a luxury vehicle

The most common scam remains that of payment: copied checks, fake transfers… Counterfeiters are full of ideas to find new scams! Going through a trusted intermediary is the assurance of a secure payment. In 2007, more than 200 cases of victims of fraud concerning the sale of their prestige automobile were identified. An inadvertence quickly happened: Buying second-hand, unless you are an expert in the matter, is always a risk. In terms of the exterior, it’s fairly easy to judge its condition, although some bodywork intricacies can tell a lot about the car’s past and mostly escape the untrained eye. The mechanical aspect, on the other hand, can only be judged by an expert. At CapCar, each car has been seen by an expertto judge his condition. It should be kept in mind that the purchase of a luxury car is certainly a significant investment, but the additional costs should not be neglected: a prestigious car will be more expensive to maintain, to insure, and it will have to be found a parking space so that it does not get damaged!

A few final recommendations for buying a prestigious vehicle:

One of the targets for potential buyers looking for a good deal are high-end vehicles that wealthy owners sell after 3-4 years, and whose residual value is then around 40% to 30%. the purchase price (In this category we find in particular the large German cars Mercedes, BMW, Audi, Porsche, etc.).

That’s why Capcar can offer you a used Audi A1 or a used Audi Q3 .

It will be necessary to be attentive to the follow-up of the vehicle and its traceability, to avoid any inconvenience after the purchase. We will favor a well-maintained vehicle, with a clear history and which will not have had too many owners. He must also have all his invoices and his maintenance book .

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